Operation & Maintenance

Atlas Energy System Offers specialized service expertise to its client for engine O&M, Troubleshooting and up gradations. SES have very trained staff performing the maintenance at site in very professional way providing clients full peace of mind. SES providing 24/7 services to client to meet any emergency ensuring that our clients have safe and smooth operation throughout the year by the maintaining the minimum down time.

The maintenance service includes inspection, servicing and repair. The operator may also choose to do certain services on his or her own account. For this it is important to define the system interfaces in detail.

According to DIN 6820, an interface definition is to be agreed upon that regulates the assembly of a cogeneration power unit and its components.

Maintenance contracts, servicing contracts or frame agreements can apply to the following:

Cogeneration power units

Cogeneration power modules

Cogeneration power station systems

IPP (Independent Power